If you are concerned about the future of liberty, the AZ Liberty Network offers an opportunity to forge a legacy of freedom, liberty, and limited government in Arizona. By including the AZ Liberty Network in your estate plans, you ensure that our cherished principles will continue to thrive for generations.

Forge Your Legacy of Liberty with AZ Liberty Network

Voice For Freedom

At AZ Liberty Network, we stand as a steadfast voice for freedom and liberty in Arizona. We are dedicated to defending the principles of limited government, individual rights, free enterprise, and personal responsibility.

Now is the time to save liberty for future generations. For too long, our founding principles and values have been under attack by radical agendas.

Your legacy gift ensures that AZ Liberty Network continues to provide the leadership, solutions, and accountability needed to uphold and save liberty in Arizona.

Gifts by Will or Living Trust

You can make a bequest gift by adding AZ Liberty Network to your will or living trust.  This allows you to select a specific amount of money, a percentage of an estate, or a particular asset.


“I give and bequeath [specific amount or percentage] to AZ Liberty Network, a non-profit organization located at 1835 E. Elliot Road Suite 102 Tempe, AZ 85284 under Federal tax identification number 92-1954611, for its general use and purposes.”

 This bequest language can easily be added to an existing will with minimal expense.

Life Insurance Beneficiaries

You can name AZ Liberty Network as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy (either in full or in part).

AZ Liberty Network recommends you discuss your legacy plans with an estate planning attorney.

We are honored to discuss your intentions and how we can forge your legacy of liberty.


1835 E Elliot Rd. Suite 102
Tempe, 85284

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