How to Include AZ Liberty Network in Your Will or Living Trust

If you are concerned about the future of liberty, including AZ Liberty Network in your estate plans allows you to forge a legacy of freedom and limited government in Arizona, ensuring our cherished principles thrive for generations.

Your legacy gift supports our steadfast dedication to defending individual rights, free enterprise, and personal responsibility, providing the leadership and solutions needed to uphold liberty in Arizona.

Follow these steps to include AZ Liberty Network in your will or Living Trust:

1. Decide on the Type of Bequest

Specific Bequest:
Designate a specific dollar amount, piece of property, or asset to AZ Liberty Network.

Percentage Bequest:
Allocate a percentage of your total estate to AZ Liberty Network.

Residuary Bequest:
Leave the remainder of your estate to AZ Liberty Network after all other obligations have been fulfilled.

Contingent Bequest:
Name AZ Liberty Network as a beneficiary in case your primary beneficiaries are no longer living.

2. Consult with Your Attorney

Seek Legal Advice: Work with an estate planning attorney to draft or update your will or Living Trust. Your attorney can help ensure your wishes are accurately documented and legally binding.

3. Use the Sample Bequest Language

Incorporate the Following Language: Provide this sample language to your attorney to include in your will or Living Trust:

“I give and bequeath [specific amount or percentage] to AZ Liberty Network, a non-profit organization located at 1835 E. Elliot Road Suite 102 Tempe, AZ 85284 under Federal tax identification number 92-1954611, for its general use and purposes.”

4. Inform AZ Liberty Network

Notify Us of Your Bequest: Inform AZ Liberty Network of your decision to include us in your estate plans. This step ensures your intentions are recorded, allows us to express our gratitude, and helps us plan for future support. You can contact us at [email protected] to share this information.

5. Keep a Copy of Your Estate Documents

Keep a copy of your updated will or Living Trust in a safe place. Inform your executor, estate planner, or family members about your decision to include AZ Liberty Network as a beneficiary.

6. Benefits of Including AZ Liberty Network in Your Estate Plans

Enduring Impact:
Your legacy gift will provide lasting support to AZ Liberty Network, helping to uphold and advance the principles of freedom, liberty, and limited government.

Tax Advantages:
Bequests to AZ Liberty Network may be eligible for estate tax deductions, potentially reducing the tax burden on your estate.

You can designate AZ Liberty Network to receive specific amounts, percentages, or residual portions of your estate, giving you control over your legacy.

Thank you for forging a legacy of liberty by including AZ Liberty Network in your will or Living Trust.

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